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An Auto Dealers Best Flooring Friend

When you deal in cars, showcasing is everything. Those doors open and people flood your dealership; admiring all the newest vehicles and all their amenities. You’re set to make it big... if you’ve got the right look.

But what happens if your floors look worn, outdated or damaged? Those same customers walk thousands of steps, every day, on your showroom floor; tracking in dirt from the outdoors, making scuffs with rubber soles, and wearing down the original shine. That can have a devastating effect on your bottom line.

Safeguard yourself against that outcome by getting the best floor protections for your dealership from Northern Industrial Flooring!

Our local company has more than 40 years of experience, and the most well-trained floor repair, polishing, and installation techs in the industry. We can offer you the expert care your floor deserves and create something that reflects your specifications to make everything last for many years to come.


Our auto dealer services help your flooring to:

  • Resist abuse from dropped tools and equipment
  • Resist Chemical Spills 
  • Clean up easier 
  • Please the customers eye  
  • Fulfill your industry necessities perfectly
  • And more…

If you’re an auto dealer in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, you need to come in and see us at Northern Industrial Flooring!  

For more information concerning our auto dealer flooring services, or to schedule your personalized FREE estimate with us, please call Northern Industrial Flooring at 1-800-424-8914.