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The Industries That Trust Us

Northern Industrial Flooring works with a variety of different entities in both the private and government sectors. These include:

Auto Dealerships
: Service departments of all car and truck dealerships receive abuse from many fronts. Tools and equipment are dropped and chemicals are spilled. In order to be able to maintain an easy to clean environment, as well as aesthetically pleasing look, choose one of Northern’s many systems designed just for your industry.  

Government: The government and municipal work environment has many coating applications. From chemical resistant urethanes used in fighter jet hangers to fire stations to ambulance bays and testing facilities where clean room standards always apply, Northern Industrial Flooring can take care of it all! With over 30 years of experience taking care of the floors for the men and women who take care of us, we make sure you don’t want to trust your floors to just anybody. You only want to work with us. Call the proven professionals at Northern industrial Flooring.

Chemical Processing: Chemical processing takes place in many facilities, with just as many chemical resistant requirements. Northern uses a wide variety of products to meet these specific requirements. From chemical resistant urethanes for battery charging areas, to vinyl ester fiberglass reinforced systems for continuous emersion containment systems, Northern has the products to meet your chemical requirements.    

Manufacturing: Today’s quality manufacturing environment requires a clean, well-lit facility. Choosing one of Northern’s many epoxy or urethane floor systems can accomplish both of these at once. Old worn concrete can be resurfaced to a new, smooth, shiny sheen. New floors can be dust proofed and protected for years to come.

Commercial: Commercial flooring includes many different types and styles, from decorative quartz to stamped concrete overlayments. We have full broadcast chip flake floors to random broadcast flake systems. All of them come with a chemical resistant topcoat for use in restrooms and kitchens. Let Northern beautify and protect your floors today.   

Painting Division: Over the years, Northern has had more than one project postponed due to the painters falling behind. With over 30 years of doing our customers’ floor work on short weekends, we know time tables are not only important, they are a must if production is going to start on time Sunday night. Call the experts in time schedule management to keep your production schedules on track and have your painting project completed on time.

Electronics: Many Industries have not only a need but a requirement to control static electricity. Triboelectric generation caused when two ungrounded materials are rubbed together creates most of the problems. From Aerospace to chemical manufacturing all the way to the medical industry, let Northern install an epoxy or urethane system which meets your ESD or Conductive resistance ranges. All Northern static control floors come with our exclusive 5-year warranty that your new Northern floor system will stay ANSI compliant. 

Polishing: Polishing concrete offers many advantages over conventional coating systems. In areas with heavy abuse, where their film coatings will not hold up due to the continual dragging of steel containers, polishing is the perfect solution. Northern has several levels of polishing available to meet your specific needs. Don’t trust the foundation of your facility to just anyone! Go with the professional floor people for over 30 years.

Food & Beverage: The food and beverage processing industry have some very unique requirements for the flooring industry. Northern has formulations to withstand chemical and thermal attack. The use of cementitious urethane solves these problems. It also can be applied to low temperatures and over wet floors with a cure time of under 8 hours for foot traffic. Northern gets you up and running quickly, with a durable, chemical resistant, non-slip floor.           

Warehouses: In today’s work world, product cleanliness is next to godliness. Customers will not accept dirty or dusty products. To keep your parts clean, and lower your light bills through increased light reflectivity. Choose one of the Northern’s many light duty coating systems. From a simple concrete densifier to a 20 mil epoxy coating- all are covered by our exclusive two-year warranty.

For more information concerning the industries we work with, or to schedule your personalized FREE estimate with us, please call Northern Industrial Flooring at 1-800-424-8914.